Belle Isle Labradors

Our story and We're sticking to it

Belle Isle Labradors is a hobby kennel in Manorville, New York at the gateway to Long Island's East End. We are determined to stay a small, private breeder so that each dog and each puppy we produce can be their best in the show ring, in the field, or as your best friend in the whole world. We have been very fortunate to be in the company of Labrador Retrievers since 1984 but our story really starts in 2007 with our first show dog Jack. He is the dog who got this whole party started.

Over the past few years we have been fortunate to have many experienced breeders guide us on our journey and help us to expand our knowledge of the breed. These breeders have been a great resource for us and we have learned very quickly that in the Labrador Community you are never alone. Help and and advice is only a phone call away. It has made the transistion from Pet Owner to Breeder a much easier road for us to travel. They have unselfishishly contributed to our success and we hope to pay it forward some day soon.

We will breed only one or two litters of puppies each year. The reason we breed is because we love and want to improve the next generation of the Breed. Every breeding is done with the simple goal of improving our line of Labradors. Out of every litter we will keep a puppy or two for our future generations. The remaining puppies are adopted to approved homes with spay/neuter agreements to promote responsible ownership and protect the future of the breed.

All of our dogs and bitches used in breeding have all possible health clearances. This is very important to us as we do not want to introduce genetic defects in to our line of Labradors. They are tested at a minimum for OFA on hips and elbows, CERF, Optigen, NARC, heart clearance, EIC, and CNM. This testing allows us to produce dogs that will live a longer healthier life.

If you are interested in adopting a puppy from one of our litters and providing it with a good home please stay in touch with us so we can keep you informed on our next breeding.

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